Academic Tourism 2018

It’s mid-March, which means that for various international conferences, paper submission deadlines are long due. This means that I already have a good idea about what my academic travel schedule for 2018 will look like! My tour will start tomorrow, as the National Program Directors will gather at GESIS in Cologne to discuss progress in the data collection of the European Values Study. With pleasure I can announce that the fieldwork phase of the Dutch part has been completed: I&O Research has interviewed 686 respondents for the CAPI (face-to-face) part, whereas being part of the LISS-panel, CentERdata has been able to have 2,034 respondents fill in the matrix-design of the EVS for the CAWI-part – in addition, 1,710 of those panel members have filled in the full questionnaire. At this moment, we are working hard to clean the data in order to be part of the first EVS 2017 data release, which is announced for Fall 2018.

The second stage of my academic travel for this year will hit the US. It’s been two years since I’ve attended a conference in the US, but I decided to pick up this tradition again. At the Annual Conference of the Council for European Studies (aka the “Europeanist”-conference), I will present three papers. The first one deals with the relationship between opinions towards the monarchy and social trust in Belgium (and Great Britain). The second one concerns explaining ‘glocalization’ in mass public opinion. And last but not least, I’m working on a paper on contextual explanations for welfare chauvinism. Combined, a packed schedule, also because the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS) has organized a drink at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Chicago. Before heading to Chicago, I will drop by in Washington (DC), and New York City. Afterwards, I will visit a friend in Louisville.

The third stage of my academic travel concerns an annual tradition: presenting at the Dutch and Flemish Annual Conference, widely known as¬†de Dag van de Sociologie. Erasmus University Rotterdam will host this year’s conference on June 14. As I’m board member of the Dutch Sociological Association NSV and responsible for the prizes (this year the Master Thesis Prize, Research Master Thesis Prize, and the Best Article Award), my conference schedule will be packed. I will present a paper on skin tone effects on income in Mexico (written together with my boyfriend). Together with Inge Sieben and Loek Halman, also first findings on the Dutch section of the EVS will be presented.

The fourth and final leg of my academic traveling is a stop in Morocco. The World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) will organize its annual conference in Marrakesh. As I’ve never been to Africa, it will be an amazing experience;¬†obviously I added 10 more days of vacationing to this trip. At this conference, I will present first findings from the Dutch section of the EVS – a paper that reflects the one that will be presented at the Dutch and Flemish Annual Conference.

Needless to say that I’m pretty excited!

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